Psychological therapy

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Psychological therapy
12th August 2020 
Psychological therapy
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What is clinical psychology?

Clinical psychologists aim to help people reduce psychological distress and to enhance and promote psychological well-being. This is done through applying psychological models and theories of human functioning to explain and understand an individual's difficulties (or those of a couple or family) and to guide intervention planning and treatment.

What is involved in psychology sessions?

Your work with Jenny will include the following distinct stages:

  • Assessment (1 to 3 sessions)

    Jenny uses a biopsychosocial framework to carry out a comprehensive assessment of your difficulties. This includes looking in detail at the specific problem(s) bringing you to psychology sessions, exploring relevant historical information in order to understand why the difficulties have arisen, and considering coping strategies you have used so far. You can either attend the assessment on your own, or bring someone with you for support. You will be in control of the information discussed; if there are things you do not wish to talk about, or are not ready to talk about yet, this will be respected.

  • Formulation

    From the information obtained during assessment, a set of hypotheses will be developed which attempt to explain why you are experiencing this problem(s) at this point in time. This working understanding will be developed and agreed together, and it forms the basis of any therapy work we undertake. Jenny uses a variety of theoretical models to inform formulations and intervention plans, ensuring a truly individualised approach. At this stage, you will agree an initial therapy plan, which includes the likely number, frequency and outcome of sessions.

  • Therapy

    Your therapy plan might include any of the following, either as a stand-alone or combined (integrative) therapy: Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT), EMDR (Eye Movement De-sensitisation and Re-Processing), Brainspotting, mindfulness and behavioural work. Therapy models are chosen according to the available research evidence base and NICE guidelines, and your needs, preferences and availability. Sessions may be arranged weekly, or at less regular intervals, and this may change over the course of therapy. You may be given ‘homework’ tasks to carry out between sessions, to try out new ways of doing things and work towards your goals; this will always be with your agreement.

  • Review

    At agreed intervals, the initial therapy plan will be reviewed. This gives the opportunity to incorporate new information into the formulation and to adapt the therapy plan if appropriate.

    If you would like more information regarding any aspect of Jenny’s work, please email